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Rudolph Ihlee 1883-1968



Painter and draughtsman,  born in London. Studied at the Slade School of Fine Arts in 1906-10 and won there a number of prizes. He made friends with Nevinson,Stanley spencer, John currie, Mark Gertler, Adrian Allison and Wadsworth.They became known as The Coster Gang:

"because they wore black jerseys,scarlet mufflers and black hats like the costermongers who sold fruit and vegetables from carts in the street" David Heycock.

Two solo exhibition at the Carfax Gallery in 1914. Became a member of NEAC in 1919. In 1921, Ihlee exhibited at the Leicester Galleries with a great success, settled in South of France, in Collioure and married his French wife, Isabelle. In 1926 solo show at Chenil Galleries. He returned to England during the second World war working in a Leicestershire factory, eventually settling in Lincolnshire. In 1978 Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield and Belgrave Gallery held retrospective shows. Victoria & Albert Museum, Manchester City Art Gallery and Cecil Higgins Art Gallery hold examples of his work.


(The family pronunciation of Ihlee is Eelay, although Ighly is common.)



Rudolph Ihlee Breton Girl

Breton Girl

Oil on board

33 x 24cm

painted c. 1921


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