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James Brown 1863-1943


James Brown -Paul Conway 1863-1943


































                                                                 RYE August 1913

                                                                 standing:Lucien Pissarro, J.B.Manson, Orovida Pissarro, James Brown.

                                                                 sitting:Mary Manson, Mrs.Manson,and Mrs.Brown

                                                                 Seated:Sebastian Brown and Jean Manson




Born in London in 1863 James Brown was both a painter and a a musician , he was an authority on string music and the originator of Poly-chordia,a teaching method and repertory for young string players. It was not until late in life that he began to paint seriously.


He was already in his fiftieth year when in 1912, his work was noticed by the distinguished critic Frank Rutter in an exhibition in Richmond. Rutter sought him out and took him to meet Lucien Pissaro.A close friendship developed between Pissaro and Brown and on many occasions the two went painting together.As a result of Pissaro’s help and encouragement, coupled with the stimulus of meeting J.B.Manson, Ludovic Rodo Pissaro and Maurice Asselin, Brown became fired with an immense enthusiasm for painting. He endeavored to understand the principles of impressionism and developed his own interpretation of it.


Apart from one or two early attempts, Brown never showed his work in public. Hence it has been hitherto been known only to a small circle of friends. many of the paintings are signed with the pseudonym “P.Conway” which Brown used for some years, but later he returned to his own name.



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